A&W Canada cuts the processed cheese and gets real


North Vancouver-based fast food chain A&W Canada keeps finding new ways to freshen up how they do business. They’ve done everything from phasing out disposable plastic straws to putting a super-popular plant-based burger on the menu, but stuff is getting REAL now.

A&W Canada has cut the cheese. Processed cheese, that is.

A&W Canada announced that as of October 1, they would only be using real Canadian cheese at all their locations (@awcanada/Instagram)

A&W Canada announced that as of October 1, they’d be ditching the fake stuff and putting cheese made from 100% Canadian milk on their burgers.

“What’s better than a Teen Burger topped with real Canadian Cheddar?” said Susan Senecal, A&W Canada’s President and Chief Executive Officer in a media release.

Some (non-vegans) might argue that putting a slice of cheese on a Beyond Burger, the just-returned plant-based patty with a demand that far outpaced the supply, is actual even better, but that’s not what Senecal was getting at.

“We believe that sourcing simple, great-tasting ingredients, farmed with care is the right thing to do,” adds Senecal. “Serving real cheese instead of processed cheese was the logical, and delicious, next step.”

A&W uses cheese not just on their burgers, but also on their breakfast sandwiches and on their poutine, too.


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