This seasonal craft beer is brewed with one of Vancouver’s favourite ingredients



Question: What’s more representative of Vancouver, coffee or craft beer?

Trick question! The answer is this gorgeous Mocha Porter collaboration from Granville Island Brewing and JJ Bean. Yes, the two Granville Island companies have teamed up to make one of the most Vancouver-centric beers of the season!

As the first microbrewery in Canada, Granville Island has always brewed according to their own principals. This ethos brought them to the first version of the Mocha Porter back in 2016.

“When we knew we wanted to brew a Mocha Porter, JJ Bean seemed like the perfect fit”, says Granville Island Brew Master Kevin Emms. “They have great coffee and are local to the island, just like us.”

Right out of the cooler, the updated version of the beer has a mildly caramel nose, and a gently bitter finish. When you let it come up in temp just a little bit, you’ll get deeper notes of cocoa and coffee – a roasted, nutty flavour – and the finish is rounder, and the caramel notes more prominent. The beer, which is classified as a 6.0% ABV, 25 IBU, Dark Chocolate colour porter, is incredibly refreshing and light, especially for a dark beer.

In addition to being totally delicious on its own, this epic autumn beer collab would pair perfectly with hearty winter dishes, baked goods, crisp autumn nights, scarves and maybe even a scary movie or two.

To create the beer, Granville Island followed a traditional porter brewing process. The coffee is added in the finishing stages, similar to how JJ Bean does their cold brew, where the grounds (a special roast for the beer) are submerged in the cold liquid and allowed to steep over time.

“The natural mocha flavours of coffee and chocolate from roasted malt are amplified by liquid cacao and a dark roast coffee from JJ bean”, says Kevin. “It has a subtle bitterness that ensures a dry finish and makes for a flavourful dark beer that is not sweet.” It should be noted, the coffee is decaffeinated.

Since 1984, Granville Island Brewing has served as the anchor in Vancouver’s craft beer scene, witnessing a huge shift in the industry both at home and the country at large.

“When we opened, we were one of few. Over the last five years, there’s been an explosion of great craft brewers not just in Vancouver, but across North America. It’s an exciting movement to be a part off, and it’s also a very friendly scene.”

We love seeing two neighbouring companies indulge in a mutual appreciation of each other’s “brews”. Beer jargon aside, you can really taste the love in this seasonal beer, so make sure to get it before it’s gone.

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