Here’s the one networking app you NEED when job hunting in Vancouver



Searching for a job is never fun…

But, a well-prepared job seeker is way more likely to enjoy to the process, and actually receive a job offer (or two)

As it turns out, there are a variety of factors that come into play when job-hunting, but in today’s tech-savvy market, mobile apps like Shapr are what make it easy to hunt for your next opportunity, anytime and anywhere.

Unlike other networking apps, Shapr employs a Tinder-esque interface and a matching algorithm that allows users to swipe right or left through potential professional contacts. The platform provides a discrete, convenient approach to networking than meet-and-greet events, which can be cumbersome.

“Shapr gives me the ability to network in cities outside of my network,” says Mike Andrews, CEO for a start-up in Vancouver. “Shapr allows me to meet like-minded people who have the expertise to mentor, learn, and continually improve my own operations on every level. It is not only a tool for networking but a link to professionals who strive to help others improve as well.”

Shapr has streamlined and simplified the entire job search process, allowing an increasingly technology-dominated society to connect, search, apply, and communicate on their time.

Shapr user Terry Sidhu uncovered how he can catapult and diversify his online coaching career without using the zombie-sounding ask, “Can I pick your brain?” And that’s one of the biggest upsides to Shapr—it tamps down any doubts users might have about tapping someone else’s expertise.

“I’ve met some amazing people on Shapr with talent and ideas worth a fortune,” says Terry. “Through the connections, I’ve made on this networking app, I’ve discovered how I can coach online. From students, activists and community leaders, through to entrepreneurs, business professionals, and legal representatives, everyone I’ve interacted with has provided me with invaluable information to help pave a new avenue for my company.”

Like a matchmaker for professional relationships, users in Canada connect with someone within a matter of minutes and set up a meeting the same day, on average. Shapr’s goal is to make it easy for you to grow who you know, so instead of swimming through an ocean of online connections, or asking for email introductions, users develop connections that can open up all manner of professional opportunities.

It’s 2018. Your resume doesn’t tell the whole story. Download Shapr HERE to fill in the missing piece in your quest to find a job you love.