Five quick interviews with front-running 2018 Vancouver mayoral candidates (WITH VIDEOS)

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Four out of five of the mayoral candidates who participated. Can you guess who walked instead? Screengrab

CBC Vancouver’s Stephen Quinn just wrapped a series of nontraditional interviews with a few of the mayoral candidates running in the 2018 election.

Election Cycle is made up of six video and audio segments running on TV, radio and online, offering somewhat candid interviews conducted in our city’s bike lanes. As you might expect, most of the them were conducted while riding bikes.

As Quinn tells us, the idea was hatched when he was in his previous position hosting the CBC Radio afternoon show, On The Coast on 88.1FM (he now does The Early Edition). The team there hoped to “get candidates out of their skin” by having conversations while riding bikes, but asking them real questions.

Initially meant to be an interviewer and a candidate on bikes with a single microphone, for radio only, the idea picked up steam at CBC and wound up being a four-cameras-two-microphones-one-van affair (not to mention post-production).

CBC videographer Peter Scobie devised a handlebar mount which held a shotgun microphone and an iPhone for each bike. He followed in a van and shot b-roll with a TV camera while Early Edition studio director Jake Costello followed on a bicycle shooting more b-roll. Quinn calls Costello the “organizational genius” behind the effort.

The final product is a series of five videos and audio segments with candidates Wai Young, Kennedy Stewart, Ken Sim, Hector Bremner and Shauna Sylvester, and one with outgoing mayor Gregor Robertson.

The online versions are short n’ sweet glimpses into each candidate and their platform, embedded below for your perusal. The one with the mayor comes out sometime before the election and you can catch it on TV, on 88.1FM and online at

Ken Sim

Wai Young

Hector Bremner

Kennedy Stewart

Shauna Sylvester


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