Metro Vancouver gas prices predicted to reach $1.659 cents per litre by Saturday


gas prices
Photo: woman fuel / Shutterstock

On Wednesday, October 10th,  gas prices in Metro Vancouver were expected to rise by three cents per litre by Friday.

Based on the lowest prices from yesterday, that increase would mean prices would climb to 1.559 cents per litre, or nearly 1.60 cents per litre. Now, prices are predicted to climb even higher.

Dan McTeague, a Senior Petroleum Analyst with, tweeted about the rising prices, noting that rather than a three centre per litre increase, the Lower Mainland would see a four cent per litre increase. As such, this would result in a 1.619 cent per litre price in the region.

What’s more, he added that Saturday is likely to see another three to four cent increase. This would mean a staggering $1.659 cent per litre price.

Gas Prices in Vancouver

On Tuesday, October 10th, over 100 members of a First Nation community near Prince George were evacuated when a gas pipeline ruptured.

The ruptured pipeline started a massive fire, and may affect up to 700,000 FortisBC in the province.

Washington State refineries depend upon crude oil, and therefore the pipeline rupture is driving the price of oil up.