Vancouver forecast calling for bright sunshine for the next 14 days


Vancouver weather
Photo: view from Cambie bridge / Shutterstock

It may be autumn in the city, but the Vancouver weather forecast is calling for bright sunshine all week long.

What’s more, the forecast is also predicting that temperatures will soar up to 17°C by next week.

The weather has been extremely warm all week long, with highs of 15°C nearly every day.  Environment Canada predicts that they will continue to reach those highs until Sunday, when the temperature is expected to reach 14°C.

Following this, however, temperatures are expected to reach a high of 15°C on Monday. In addition, the temperatures are expected to hit a 16°C on Tuesday, and then 17°C on Wednesday.

Vancouver Weather
Photo: Environment Canada

While the temperatures are warm during the day, they do reach much cool temperatures at night. On Thursday night temperatures will reach a low of 8°C, followed by a low of 7°C on Friday night. What’s more, the evenings will continue to get cooler, dropping to a low of 6°C on Sunday night followed by 5°C on Monday night.

Vancouver weather
Photo: Weather Network

What’s more, the Weather Network is calling for the sunshine to continue into the following week! As such, Metro Vancouverites are expected to see a great deal of crisp, fall days ahead.