Someone tried to insult Seth Rogen with SkyTrain graffiti and failed miserably


seth rogen
Photo: Seth Rogen (Kathy Hutchins / and TransLink

Seth Rogen has been the source of controversy across the nation after becoming the comedic voice of transit in both Vancouver and Toronto.

In Toronto, the funnyman’s voice was used on its transit system, the TTC, after Translink began using it for announcements. Unfortunately, his decorum wasn’t well-received, and the messages were removed within a month.

With that being said, some Vancouver residents feel less than thrilled about Rogen’s voice. In fact, a number of residents feel it is annoying, while some feel it’s obnoxious.

Someone recently penned a message to the comedian on the SkyTrain, and someone took a picture of it and shared it on twitter. What’s more, the user comments on how the author’s penmanship was topnotch, but his grammar left something to be desired.

What’s more, Rogen himself liked the tweet, as it was a hilarious, failed attempt at a burn.

No, *you’re an idiot.