This enchanting New York Christmas trip from Vancouver is only $388 CAD right now


New York
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While there are a number of wonderful places to celebrate the holidays in North America, perhaps none are more beloved than New York.

Whether you fell in love with the image of the Rockefeller Tree from the second instalment of the Home Alone movies, or you’ve simply seen images of the big apple when its all decked out for holidays, there’s something that you’ll love.

Unfortunately, many people find that the city is extremely unaffordable to visit in December. As a result, many travellers opt to go during other times of the year, but they will miss out on the magical holiday atmosphere.

Luckily, this amazing deal from United Airlines costs a total of $388.01 CAD including all taxes and fees. While it is possible to get this price during the rest of the year, tickets right around Christmas already cost over $600 CAD return. In addition, as the date approaches, most tickets will climb to $1000 or more.

The fight departs Vancouver on Sunday, December 2 and returns home on Monday, December 10. As such, it affords guests with just over a week in the winter wonderland.

New York
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New York for the holidays

For the 2018 season the tree will be lit for the first time on WednesdayNovember 28 at Rockefeller Plaza.

Tourists will want to book their accommodation in advance as many popular hotels fill up during the holiday season.

You can book your flight here.