Here’s the list of everyone who just got elected in Vancouver


Green Party candidates Pete Fry and Adriane Carr were the top vote getters in the council race. In total nine of the party’s candidates were elected to council, park board and school board. Photo Naoibh O’Connor

If you were following along last night you likely know who your new mayor and council will be made up of.

Independent Kennedy Stewart squeaked a win past the NPA’s Ken Sim to be your new mayor-elect, the final results being drawn out into the wee hours of this morning as the City’s voting stations filed their results.

Below are the names of all of your newly elected humans who will be working on your behalf to, hopefully, make this city an even more awesome place.

If you want to play-by-play from last night, have a look at my Vancouver’s Stupidest Politics Column LIVE right HERE.


Kennedy Stewart (Independent)

Independent candidate Kennedy Stewart was elected mayor Saturday, narrowly defeating the NPA’s Ken Sim by 984 votes. Photo Dan Toulgoet

City Council

Adriane Carr (Green) – 69,885 votes

Pete Fry (Green) – 61,925 votes

Melissa de Genova (NPA) – 53,324 votes

Jean Swanson (COPE) – 48,955 votes

Colleen Hardwick (NPA) – 47,811 votes

Michael Wiebe (Green) – 45,700 votes

Christine Boyle (OneCity) – 45,529 votes

Lisa Dominato (NPA) – 44,769 votes

Rebecca Bligh (NPA) – 44,117 votes

Sarah Kirby-Yung (NPA) – 43,646 votes

Vancouver’s new city council. Photos supplied

Park Board

Stuart Mackinnon (Green) – 73,718 votes

Dave Demers (Green) – 73,326 votes

Camil Dumont (Green) – 65,447 votes

John Coupar (NPA) – 49,836 votes

Tricia Barker (NPA) – 48,831 votes

Gwen Giesbrecht (COPE) – 48,481 votes

John Irwin (COPE) – 46,360 votes

School Board

Janet Fraser (Green) – 75,237 votes

Estrellita Gonzalez (Green) – 58,540 votes

Jennifer Reddy (OneCity) – 52,851 votes

Oliver Hanson (NPA) – 49,991 votes

Fraser Ballantyne (NPA) – 49,849 votes

Carmen Cho (NPA) – 49,597 votes

Lois Chan-Pedley (Green) – 48,509 votes

Barb Parrott (COPE) – 48,276 votes

Allan Wong (Vision) – 47,378 votes

With files from the Vancouver Courier