Vancouver just elected 8 women to City Council


Vancouver’s new city council. Photo supplied

Vancouver elected a new city council into office on October 20th, and eight of our ten councillors are women.

Two incumbent councillors (Adriane Carr and Melissa De Genova) are joined by six new female councillors and two male, making up a refreshing council that has never been less male.

Adriane Carr (GREEN)
Pete Fry (GREEN)
Melissa De Genova (NPA)
Jean Swanson (COPE)
Colleen Hardwick (NPA)
Michael Wiebe (GREEN)
Christine Boyle (ONECITY)
Lisa Dominato (NPA)
Rebecca Bligh (NPA)
Sarah Kirby-Yung (NPA)

As of right now it’s too close to call who won the mayoral race, but it will be one of two men named Ken.

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