949 people voted for this nice man to be Vancouver’s next mayor


Mike Hansen outside our office in Vancouver

2018 Vancouver mayoral candidate Mike Hansen is one of the subjects we wanted to wait until after the election to write about.

Hansen was initially invited to participate in the V.I.A./Courier/Business In Vancouver mayoral debate on September 17th.

After swearing at a Glacier Media reporter after an interview then sending a threatening, profanity laden email string following it, we decided he was not stable enough to participate in our debate. We were concerned for the safety of our reporters, so he was uninvited.

He was not happy about that decision, so he showed up in front of our office carrying the sign pictured above.

The night of the debate he showed up at SFU carrying the sign below.

Mike Hansen outside our mayoral debate held at SFU

There were 21 mayoral candidates on the ballot. Some people have been arguing that Kennedy Stewart came in and split the vote that would have gone to Shauna Sylvester, robbing her of a win.

But what of the 949 people who voted for Mike Hansen? Beyond the question of “WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?” lies “Who would they have voted for, if not him?”

Ken Sim lost the election by a mere 984 votes to Kennedy Stewart. If you combine Mike Hansen’s supporters and Maynard Aubichon’s (last place) 141 votes, that’s enough to put Sim in the mayor’s seat.