You can fly round-trip Vancouver to Miami for only $313 CAD right now


Miami Beach, wonderful aerial view of buildings, river and vegetation/ Shutterstock

While there are a number of fun cities to visit in the United States, few compare to Miami.

Not only is the city known for its incredible nightlife, but it also offers a plethora of delectable eateries, glamorous boutique shopping, and beautiful beaches. Further, the city has a notable Cuban influence, which can be felt in the city’s vibrant musical scene as well as its cuisine.

What’s more, you can visit this world-class city for cheap with this phenomenal deal through WestJet. Your total round-trip airfare costs $313.81 CAD including all taxes and fees and only includes one layover in Toronto in either direction.

The outbound flight departs Vancouver on Sunday, January 27 and returns home on Wednesday, February 6.

Miami Flights

Photo: Flight Hub
Photo: Flight Hub

You can book your flight through Flighthub, but keep in mind that pricing is subject to availability. As a result, the price of the flight will increase as the lower booking classes fill up closer to the date of departure.

Miami is an exciting city and a great deal of fun, however, if you are looking to spend more time on the beach, you may want to stay in a hotel in South Beach. While this area is easily accessible from the city, you will have to drive. So, if you were dreaming of staying a short stroll from the glistening white sand beaches and awe-inspiring turquoise waters, you will want to book in South Beach.

There are a number of really posh accommodations in this area that will cost a great deal of money, but plenty of the art deco hotels are offered at a reasonable cost if you book a couple of months in advance.

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