Fox screams at approaching lynx in the middle of B.C. highway (VIDEO)


lynx and fox
Credit: Allyson Rozak – Burgess via Storyful

What does the fox say?  It was a question made popular by the band Ylis in 2013, when the band dressed up in silly fox costumes and danced around a majestic forest.

Now, a B.C. woman has captured what appears to be a dispute between a fox and a lynx.

Allyson Rozak-Burgess was driving down a road in Fort Nelson, B.C., when she encountered the pair up ahead. The lynx appears to be intimidating the fox, and the fox makes loud, aggressive yelps in return. While she says she isn’t exactly sure, she assumes that the fox was guarding its den.

“What does the fox say? Hard to see but I Encountered a Dispute between a Fox and Lynx today. Looks as though the Lynx was after the Fox; but the second video shows the outcome; the Lynx left. I suspect the Fox was guarding its Den. Located near Fort Nelson, BC *turn sound on*,” she recalls in a Facebook post.

Fox and Lynx Video