A guide to Vancouver’s must-try bakeries and baked goods



Charles Deluvio / Unsplash

‘Tis the season for cookies right out of the oven.

And maybe fluffy croissants.

Throw in a couple cakes while you’re at it.

Over the last few weeks, we partnered with CBC’s The Great Canadian Baking Show to highlight the best baked good and bakeries Vancouver has to offer. From the delicate Parisian treats to homestyle biscuits and international treats, it has been a mouthwatering journey through incredible flavour, technique and vision.

Here’s a recap of the city’s best baking and where to find it.


Thierry Facebook

Holiday sweaters, group of people singing happy birthday out of tune, these little moments tend to make up the highlights in our lives. So, what do they have in common? They’re almost always punctuated by huge pieces of CAKE. You can find out where to get Vancouver’s must-try homemade cakes HERE.


Purebread Facebook

Fresh bread if one of those things that’s so simple and so perfect that it’s almost best reserved for special occasions. ‘Almost’ being the keyword. No matter which way you slice it, Vancouver is an absolute hotbed for freshly baked, handcrafted loaves. Here’s where to get them.


Panaderia Bakery Facebook

With international delicacies, unique cross cultural concoctions and a world of flavours just waiting to be discovered, Vancouver is home to some of the best international desserts and bakeries goods in the country. Find out where to get the best international desserts in Vancouver HERE.


Wildebeest Facebook

A emblem of Southern charm, a superior to breakfast toast, an undeniable concoction of flour and, let’s face it, fat. Crisp on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside. Is there actually anything better than a freshly baked biscuit? The answer is no! Here’s where to get 7 of Vancouver’s must-try biscuit dishes.


Ispahan (Photo courtesy Ladurée Vancouver)

Oh pastries, how we love thee! You’re a delicate, elevated offering in the world of baked goods combining technique and the natural human propensity for things that are sweet and cute. We’re lucky to live in a city that’s replete with these dainty-delicious concoctions, but with so many to enjoy, it’s hard to know where to begin. We narrowed it down for you HERE.


The Good Chocolatier Facebook

Chocolate has involved into a true art form that’s bursting with flavour, technique and pure inspiration. There’s a whole new world of chocolate waiting to be enjoyed and a lot of it is being made right here in Vancouver.


L’Atelier Patisserie Facebook

Despite Vancouver’s coastal geography, we tend to excel at international eats. While we’re predominately recognized for our Asian cuisines, our French bakeries should not be missed. From delicate pastries to buttery croissants, here’s where to get the best French baking in the city.

Craving more? The Great Canadian Baking Show has returned to CBC for its second season!

Hosted by Dan Levy and Julia Chan, The Great Canadian Baking Show brings together 10 amateur bakers from across the country to compete in a series of themed culinary challenges that celebrate their diverse backgrounds, families and communities.

Each week bakers will compete in three challenges, The Signature Bake, the Technical Bake and the Show Stopper. After the judges taste and critique the bakes, they crown one Star Baker and ask one baker to leave the tent. The final three bakers compete for The Great Canadian Baking Show title.

To learn more visit, cbc.ca, or watch now via the CBC TV APP.