This payment app wants to give you $10 for your next meal in Vancouver



All new Glance Pay users will receive $10 to use on a purchase of their choice.

That point in the meal, when the food is gone, the pitcher is empty and you’re waiting for your bill.

Not only do you have to face the consequences of your morally-loose ordering, you have to sit and think about what you’ve done as you wait for the bill to reach your table.

Not anymore!

Glance Pay is a multi-platform mobile payments app that’s changing the way people across North America pay. The app is free to download, easy to use, and designed to save you time and stress by streamlining how you pay in restaurants, retail outlets, and merchants of all kinds, while earning cash back rewards after every purchase. Here’s how it works:

1. Click “Pay Now” and either scan or tap the QR code on a table or take a photo of your bill.

2. Enter the bill amount, select tip option, pay and go.

That’s it!

Glance is now accepted at hundreds of restaurants throughout Metro Vancouver. In fact, Glance recently partnered with brewhound – The Happy Hour App to help you find deals on food and drinks throughout the week. Best of all, Glance recently launched at Steamworks & all Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar locations in Vancouver!

To celebrate their new partnerships, Glance is giving every new user a $10.00 credit when they download and sign up online.

When you pay with Glance you’ll also receive cash-back rewards with every purchase made. Yes, in addition to never waiting for credit card machine, you can earn rewards and exclusive deals each time you pay, like discounts, access to special events and sometimes even a little extra spending money. Not to worry, all your information is kept secure and safe.

It was announced earlier this year that Glance was the preferred mobile payment solution of the B.C. Restaurants a & Food Services Association, which represents more than 3,000 independent restaurants and chain locations across B.C and recently won best local startup by The Georgia Straight.

To learn more about Glance and receive your $10.00 credit, you can download the app HERE.