Woman sues City of North Van following ‘wobble board’ injury

North Shore News


A woman who broke her leg after falling off a “wobble board” while getting a personal training session at the Harry Jerome recreation centre has filed a lawsuit against the City of North Vancouver.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against the City of North Vancouver after falling off a “wobble board” and breaking her leg during a training session at Harry Jerome rec centre. Photo iStock

Cathy McKillop, a North Vancouver retiree, filed the lawsuit against the city and her trainer, a city employee, in B.C. Supreme Court Oct. 29.

In the lawsuit, McKillop states she went to the recreation centre on May 10, 2018 for a personal training session to her rehabilitate her knee after surgery.

As part of the session, the trainer working at the centre instructed her to use a wobble board (a balance board used for recreation, training and therapy), according to the lawsuit.

But McKillop alleges “as a result of improper instruction and/or supervision” she fell off the board and broke her leg as well as sustaining muscle and ligament damage. The injuries left her in pain, having to pay for medical treatment and unable to do usual household and yard work, according to the lawsuit.

McKillop alleges in her lawsuit her injuries were caused by the negligence of the city for failing to “evaluate and screen prospective employees including (the trainer) for qualifications as personal trainer and/or rehabilitation therapist.” She is seeking damages for “loss of domestic capacity,” costs of medical care, costs for relatives and friends who have provided care, and “special damages.”

The city has not yet filed a response to the claim. None of the allegations have been proven in court.