5 things you probably didn’t know about Robson Square


While you may frequently shop, dine, drink or stroll in it, there’s probably a great deal that you don’t know about Robson Square.

As one of the most frequented places in downtown Vancouver, the public plaza serves as a landmark civic centre in the city. What’s more, it is surrounded by some of Vancouver’s most iconic buildings such as the Provincial Law Courts and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Check out our list of five things you probably didn’t know about one of the city’s most central spots.

It was designed by Arthur Erickson

Robson Square
Arthur Erickson

The Arthur Erickson Architects firm designed the plaza, but they are also responsible for many of the province’s most famous developments. Some notable places include Simon Fraser University, the Trump Hotel & Tower, the Law Courts Complex, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and many more. What’s more, the architectural firm has planned over 700 projects worldwide.

Millions and millions..

Robson Square
800 Robson Square / Vancouver Archives

The impressive development was completed between 1979 and 1983 and cost a whopping $139 million to complete; however, the square has been upgraded numerous times since it opened. In fact, it underwent a major reconstruction from 2004 – 2011 that cost a staggering $40.9 million.

Outdoor Public Skating Rink

Robson Square Ice Rink / Robson Square
Robson Square / Shutterstock

The city’s first outdoor public skating rink was opened in Robson Square in 1982. Now, the festive oasis is the perfect place to enjoy the holidays with your friends, family and loved ones. What’s more, the attraction is completely free if you bring your own skates, and only $5 to rent a pair.

There was an epic, New Year’s Eve skate

Robson Square / Robson Square Ice Skating /Rink Vancouver
Sebastien Panouille/Flickr

In 2010, the City of Vancouver hosted a free public skate on New Years Eve. What’s more, over 1,700 people came out to enjoy live music, skating and New Year’s countdowns.

Three waterfalls offer natural air conditioning

Robson Square
Splash of water / Shutterstock

The central block of the new development in the square houses three beautiful cascading waterfalls. What’s more, these tumbling waters offer natural air conditioning for the building that holds provincial government offices and serves as a UBC satellite campus, as well. Over 850,000 US gallons of water flow through the waterfall system.

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