This mesmerizing northern lights viewing lodge is only a two hour flight from Vancouver


Northern Lights
Aurora borealis with silhouette standing man on the mountain / Shutterstock

It is one of mother nature’s most spectacular displays – vibrant splashes of jewel-toned colours manifesting in the heavens – the northern lights are a sight to behold.

And while many places in Canada afford the ideal conditions to view this natural phenomenon, Metro Vancouver isn’t one of them. It is possible to see them from time to time in the Lower Mainland, but they aren’t typically that bright. As a result, many locals don’t get the chance to view the breathtaking display in all its celestial glory.

With that being said, a short flight from Vancouver takes guests to one of the best places in Canada to catch the colourful show.

Whitehorse is the largest city in the Yukon and home to a number of spectacular aurora borealis viewing lodges. Although they can’t guarantee that you’ll see the vivid astral display ten times out of ten, your odds are quite high during peak season.

The aurora viewing season runs from late August to mid-April; however, the best time to view the lights is when the sky is at its absolute darkest. Keep in mind, though, that the dead of winter in Yukon is a tad chilly (temperatures may plummet down to the minus 40 degree range), and therefore you should dress appropriately.

Northern Lights in the Yukon

Some of the viewing lodges will allow you to rent clothing for the subzero temperatures, and some packages include it in the price. Furthermore, you can opt to use your cozy attire for other fun activities during the day in the frosty wonderland. Some of these include visiting the hot-springs, dog-sledding, wildlife watching, ice-fishing and much more.

A flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse is only about two hours long and costs roughly $350 CAD total with tax included direct with Air North. With that being said, you may want to book through a tour company that will include the price of your flights, accommodation, and activities in order to simplify the process.