Frustrated people react to long SkyTrain delays on Metro Vancouver Expo Line


skytrain delays

Metro Vancouver was pummelled by a hailstorm, heavy rain, and even lightning today.

What’s more, TransLink riders were punished by lengthy Skytrain delays on the Expo Line.

According to the transit authority, a train problem caused a delay to service between Gateway and Joyce-Collingwood Stations. As such, trains were held at stations longer than usual. The Millennium and Canada Line were unaffected, but that didn’t mean much to people stuck for over half an hour on their daily commute.

From there, the problem train was moved to New Westminster Station, which allowed for single-track service between Columbia and Edmonds Stations. Still, trains across the entire Expo Line were held longer than usual, and customers travelling between Columbian and Production Way Stations may have had to switch trains.

As a result of the rider mayhem, Twitter users weren’t all that thrilled with TransLink’s service. Moreover, they were appalled by the lack of communication.  Of course, it is no wonder people are frustrated, when the infrastructure to communicate with riders is over 30 years old.