Step into a dazzling waterfront wonderland at this FREE winter light display (Photos)


lights at lafarge
designbylila / Instagram

Lights at Lafarge opened to the public in Coquitlam on November 24 and dazzles visitors with thousands of brilliant lights.

The attraction offers over 1.2 km of walkway around Lafarge Lake that is illuminated with colourful lights. What’s more, the enchanted display offers a number of creative elements, such as a sparkling maple leafs, a pair of glowing swans, twinkling flowers, and much more.

As you make your way around this romantic path, you’ll notice that the arches overhead are covered with luminous bulbs. Further, vibrant colours reflect in the lake’s inky night waters, which makes for an artful display in the centre of this holiday oasis.

Be sure to check out this mesmerizing walkway before it closes on January 20, 2019, and have a look at some of its brilliant photos to wet your appetite.

Lights at Lafarge


If you think that Lafarge looks delightful with Christmas lights, be sure to check out the other majestic holiday displays across Metro Vancouver. For example, the Aurora Winter Festival opened on Thursday, Nov. 22 in Vancouver, and offers a truly magical winter experience in the heart of the city.