These FREE workshops in Vancouver will help you crush your career goals in 2019!



Whether you’re currently unemployed or just dread going to work in the morning, let these free career services help you find a job you love in 2019.

The truth is, there’s probably a better paying, more enjoyable job for you, just waiting to be filled.

To help start 2019 off right, the WorkBC Employment Services Centres operated by the YWCA Metro Vancouver offer job search workshops for those seeking a job or wanting to explore new career opportunities in B.C. Their WorkBC Centres located in Vancouver also offer free employment services to help you with every step of the process, including career planning, one-to-one resume and career advising, interview practice, access to computer, internet, printing, and everything else you’ll need to prepare for your new career.

These free services aim to show that a well-prepared job seeker will not only be more successful in their search, they’ll have more time to learn from the process along the way, helping you find the right job or career for you. In fact, you can even take free personality assessment tests to figure out which career paths you’ll excel in most.

WorkBC’s friendly and trained staff understand how challenging the process can be. That’s why they’re there to help with basic preparation like internet, printing and photocopying services, in addition to career planning, one-on-one-resume advising, employer connections, and self-employment training.

The new year is all about reflection. It’s time to check in, take stock and ask yourself, is the path I’m on taking me somewhere I actually want to go?

Sometimes your dream job is more than a few steps away. To ensure you don’t compromise your goals in 2019, WorkBC is offering opportunities to help you get the training you need while covering the necessary expenses along the way. Visit your local WorkBC Employment Services Centre to learn how you can take advantage of these free services. After all, investing in yourself is the best way to set yourself up for success.

The YWCA operates WorkBC Employment Services Centres across Vancouver and on the North Shore, with specialized workshops, services and support for youth (16 – 30 years old), immigrants, Indigenous peoples, personnes francophones, persons with disabilities, survivors of violence and abuse, older workers and women returning to work after an absence. You can find the WorkBC Employment Services Centre nearest you here.

Find your dream job in BC and start planning for the future by visiting a YWCA WorkBC Employment Services Centre in Vancouver and on the North Shore.

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