Driver speeds recklessly down wrong lane on Cambie Street (Video)


wrong lane
2PinkLimez / YouTube

A driver was caught wildly speeding down the wrong lane on Cambie Street by dashcam footage on January 5.

The driver, who goes by the username 2PinkLimez on YouTube, posted a video of the close call to their channel.

“Yep, this Driver was driving insane,” the poster remarks. “Taken January 5, 2019 at approximately 1:30 am near Cambie Street and 20th Avenue. I was in a hurry, but this guy was in flurry of speed.”

The poster also speculated that the driver was going over 100 km/hr, as they had no trouble overtaking another car in opposite traffic.

“They overtook me as I was overtaking another car, except he went into opposite traffic. Guess he didn’t notice the car in that lane. That vehicle got scared and was thinking about coming into our lane and create a head on with us. Double Head On Potential. Crazy Guy!”

Sadly, there have already been a number of highway deaths on B.C. roads in 2019. As a result, police would like to remind all motorists to exercise caution by slowing down, as road and weather conditions can change rapidly and without warning.

Reducing speed lowers your chance of being injured or killed in a collision. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with proper winter tread when venturing out on BC’s highways this winter.