This rental service is described as the ‘Airbnb of boats’ in Vancouver


people on yacht / Shutterstock

Described as the “Airbnb of boats,” Getmyboat allows owners to rent their boats out to people who don’t want to commit to owning one.

The app allows users to rent over 180,000 boats in 184 countries. As such, there are numerous options for a variety of price ranges, as well as locations. What’s more, the app connects people with exciting water activities, such as tours.

“There will be many locals and visitors in Vancouver at the show in February in search of the perfect boat to take out during the summer months. However, boat ownership is expensive, and the average boat is used only 8% of the year,” said Val Streif, Getmyboat.

“We’re aiming to help buyers who want a way to earn on these investments AND boating enthusiasts who don’t want to commit to owning.”

Listings include everything from powerboat rentals to sailboat charters, fishing charters to jet-ski rentals, houseboat rentals and more. The listings include rental requirements, such as age, and they also include details about the vessel, such as its year, type, capacity, rental minimum, length, and cancellation information.

Currently, listings in Vancouver include everything from a full day on the 50ft “Sea Sanctuary” Motor Yacht that holds 12 guests for $475 per hour, to a two-person 10′ Seadoo Jet Ski Rental for $75 per hour.

With listings from Nova Scotia to the Yukon territory, Canadians may explore waters across the country through the rental service, too.