Hey Vancouver: Do you know an AWESOME TransLink bus driver?


TransLink bus in Vancouver (meunierd / Shutterstock.com)

“Thank you, driver!”

If you ride the bus in Metro Vancouver, chances are you’re among the many who take a minute to say thank you to the driver as you disembark.

For some, it’s a reflex, but sometimes it really comes from the heart. Maybe the driver helped you with directions or explaining how to navigate the TransLink system. Or they handled a problem rider with grace. Some drivers go the extra mile and have faux flowers at the fare box and use the PA system for making friendly announcements. Even a smile can go a long way on a commute.

So, just like those passing moments at the end of a bus ride, we want to say “thank you” to some of the city’s most-loved and appreciated bus drivers. Among the V.I.A. staff we’ve already come up with a couple of drivers we want to shout out on the site, but we also want to hear from you.

Which TransLink bus drivers deserve some praise, and a story about how AWESOME they are right here on Vancouver Is Awesome?

Drop us a line with a brief description of the driver (route, physical description, days/times you see them, and, if possible, name). We’ll be sending your nominations over to TransLink, who are helping us put this together, so they can give the drivers props, too. And we’ll be choosing a few to profile on the site.

E-mail lindsay@vancouverisawesome.com by Feb. 18, 2019, with your nomination. Please let us know if and how we can contact you, or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

Oh, and thank YOU for being awesome!

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