Canadians show strong support for new ‘Western Canada Party,’ polls finds


western canada party
View from the Cambie Bridge. Downtown skyline in Vancouver, Canada

A recent poll found that British Columbians identify more with some U.S. states than the rest of Canada, and a new poll underscores a similar sentiment.

The Angus Reid Institute has released a poll that finds strong support from Western Canada towards the idea of a “Western Canada Party.”

The poll describes a, “new regional political party that would advocate for the interests of the west within the Canadian confederation.”

The findings also show that over six-in-ten Canadians feel that anger from Western Canadians about the way that the federal government treats the west is on the rise.

What’s more, the results show that Alberta has the highest degree of support for the party with 40 per cent of the province citing that they would vote for the party. Further, the poll found that half of Albertan respondents feel that separation is a real possibility.

Western Canada Party

While the poll conveyed significant openness to the “Western Canada Party,” the poll does not illustrate how such a party would develop and who would lead it. Nevertheless, the hypothetical party saw strong support in all of the age groups polled. Further, the findings showed that people of all political leanings favoured the new party.