These singles events are the most fun way to embrace Valentine’s romance in Vancouver



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You could act jaded because this month has one silly day dedicated to couples, or you could start celebrating the fact that February is actually the best month to be single in Vancouver!

February is loaded with awesome events that will have you making friends and maybe even feeling butterflies, ranging from casual and low-key to totally fun and adventurous. We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to highlight the best singles events happening this month in Vancouver, so don’t get hung up on the hearts, chocolates and flowers, instead, put yourself out there and meet someone new!

February 14: Sealed With a Fish at the Vancouver Aquarium

Couple Goals. Photo Courtesy Vancouver Aquarium

Pucker up for an intimate Valentine’s Day affair at the Vancouver Aquarium’s After Hours event on Thursday, February 14. This adults-only evening will give you access to the aquarium, without the kids or crowds. This evening promises a provocative, sometimes racy, and oftentimes comical exploration of the sex lives of aquatic animals. Singles and doubles alike can spend Valentine’s Day with a drink in hand while they explore the galleries after dark. Learn more HERE.

February 16: Mardi Gras Penthouse Party

The Saturday following Valentine’s Day is when the fun really starts… Every year, Events & Adventures hosts their annual Valentine’s Day Party, which is almost guaranteed to sell out. This year’s rooftop party offers drink deals, amazing views, and fantastic music music. The Mardi Gras theme is optional, but masks will be provided for everyone in attendance.

February 19: Just for Laughs with Ken Jeong

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Laughter is the best medicine and also a key component of a great night out. Head to the Orpheum Theatre on February 18 to enjoy famous actor/comedian, Ken Jeong. Jeong has come full circle and returned to the stage to reflect on how he went from being a doctor to comedy superstar. He opens up about his wife’s battle with breast cancer and how that led to him starring in one of the biggest comedy franchises of all time, The Hangover. This event is guaranteed to make you laugh non-stop.

February 17: Volunteer with the Salvation Army

The bonus of volunteering is that you’ll meet like minded people who also see the value and importance of giving back to their community. On February 17, join Events & Adventures as they head to the Belkin House to help cook lunch for the less fortunate. Your shift will include either prepping and cooking, serving, cleaning, and preparing for the next meal.

February 27: Dinner Around the World: Italian Edition

Every month, Events & Adventures tries a new type of cuisine. Recently, they had Japanese, Indian, East Asian, Brazilian and Lebanese, but this month is all about Italian food! Head to Anton’s Pasta Bar for a night of food, wine and great conversation.

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You can take part in every activity mentioned in this article this month with Events & Adventures in Vancouver. Every week, Events & Adventures hosts a series of events for groups of people to get acquainted and maybe even find love. Each event aims to provide a fun, low-pressure way to put yourself out there, while experiencing all the great events this city has to offer.

Events & Adventures ensures each event is attended by awesome eligible singles, which means you never need to worry about gathering a group or going alone. There’s always something to talk about, always someone new to meet and always new experiences to be had.

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