Vancouver riders react to what TransLink refers to as ‘slight’ delays on transit


'Slight' Delays
@rufeelinggiddy / Twitter

Translink has announced that there are a number of delays across Metro Vancouver transit as a result of the ice and snow.

The transit authority has tweeted about lengthy delays on bus routes across the region, noting that riders should expect to wait nearly half an hour in many cases.

What’s more, they have added that there is a ‘slight reduction’ in service on the SkyTrain. However, many Metro Vancouver riders find that phrasing problematic.

In fact, a number of riders found the phrasing dishonest, as they have experienced long waits with a number of trains passing.

“Slight” ha. I was a new west SkyTrain station an hour with a total of 5 trains that came by. There is no SkyTrain at this time,” writes  on Twitter. 

Other riders underscore that they feel the phrasing is ‘shameful.’

“Slight” has got to be the understatement of the century. Pick up a dictionary and be honest with your customers. Shameful.” tweets .

In addition to a multitude of riders sharing the same sentiment on Twitter, other commuters shared images of the transit chaos, which included long lines.

‘Slight’ Delays

Other riders note that transit in Vancouver is extremely unreliable, and that this amount of snowfall shouldn’t have this type of affect on the system.