Rare treat: The Fraser River is covered with breathtaking ice floes (Photos & Video)


Fraser river ice
_bottledale_ / Instagram

While the Fraser River is beautiful year-round, it looks decidedly spellbinding covered with ice floes.

And, since so much snow has fallen in the Lower Mainland and the temperature stayed quite low, the ice hasn’t melted. As a result, the river has provided ample time for residents to snap photos of the wintry designs.

Jim VanDeventer posted an image of some icy formations, captioning how, “Snow falling on the Fraser River last night didn’t melt; it drifted into obstacles and formed these wonderful ruffles.”

Fraser river ice
Photo: Jim VanDeventer / Reddit

Have a look at some more images of the rare occurrence below.

Fraser River Ice Floes

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While you may venture out to parts of it, you may not be aware that this mighty waterway is a whopping 850 miles long! Indeed, it is no stream, and fully stretched out straight would span the distance between Vancouver to Regina.

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