This daredevil rat takes on a group of sledders (Video)


rat crashes sled
dna.hky / Instagram

A video has surfaced of a rat crashing wildly into a sled on a snowy hill in Victoria.

GoPro video from a sled’s perspective shows the sled moving down a snowy path, where a number of people are seen on the sides.

Following this, the rodent is seen scurrying erratically into oncoming sled traffic. A sled in front of the GoPro slowly slides to the side of the path and the rat dashes out through a group of people and behind it.

Afterward, it runs up a small snowy bump on the path and then crashes into the sled with the GoPro. The rat is hit so hard by the sled that it become airborne and flies sharply to the side of the path. The rodent then runs straight across the path near the end of the video.