8 books for your bibliophile BAE


Vancouver Public Library and V.I.A. have teamed up to help you discover new reads, hidden book gems and surprising literary finds. 

The best Valentine’s gift is showing the person you put before anyone else that you truly understand them. So we’ve put together a list of books for BAEs with all kinds of interests for you to select from.

Opened book and heart shapes.
Opened book with heart shapes / iStock

GuRu by RuPaul

Is your BAE a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race?  This book may be exactly what they are looking for. Ru has put together a distinctive collection of experiences from a fabulous career that spans over thirty-five years. There are 80 stunning photographs that help you vision the life you want. Read GuRu’s self-actualizing philosophy that breaks with tradition and awakens the spirit within.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō

Do you live with a highly organized BAE? Chances are they have heard of Marie Kondō’s book about tidying up! If they haven’t they will love Kondō’s home management tips and her idea that our belongings have feelings and energies of their own. Find a perfect opportunity to share a de-cluttering quest with your BAE and organize using the KonMari Method.

50 Ways to Wear Accessories by Lauren Freidman

Doesn’t everyone love to accessorize?  This title comes from the ’50 ways series’ and offers great advice. From how to accessorize for a party to a job interview. Lots of tips on mixing and matching accessories such as belts, jewellery and hats with different types of  clothes. This book is a must have for all BAE’s who wish to walk out in style.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

The ultimate BAE! From childhood Michelle was taught to be confident and prepared. Read about her unique struggles with work /life balance as Barack Obama aims for the top. BAE’s everywhere will be drawn into the first lady’s captivating story.

Could it happen here? by Michael Adams

Is your BAE looking forward to the next general election in Canada? If so, they might like to read Michael Adams book where he takes an in-depth look at Canadian values and asks if a Brexit or Trump campaign could happen here. Adams draws on the ideology of the current government which appears to enjoy popular approval. The stakes, though, are high as far right popular politicians begin to gain ground in Canada.

90’s Bitch by Alison Yarrow

Is feminism and gender equality a talking point with your BAE? In this book Yarrow tells us to take a good long look at the influence of 90’s media, especially the treatment of women like Hilary Clinton, Anita Hill and Marcia Clark. Yarrow argues that with the coming of the 24 hour news cycle a deep sexism evolved that almost poisoned feminism for the next generation.

Mozart by John Suchet

Get classical cuddles from your BAE when sharing this new biography about Mozart from John Suchet. Get to grips with the real Mozart and move away from the many misconceptions that have built up around this idolized musician. Enjoy this friendly and easy-going introduction to the life of this famous man.

Brave New Arctic by Mark Serreze

Is your BAE a lover of the cold north? Keep your BAE warm as they enjoy this chilling read. Mark Serreze is the director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center and admits that he has been perplexed by events in the Artic but recognizes that Artic warming can no longer be written off as a series of natural events. Serreze gives an accessible insiders account of the complex challenges facing the north.