You can fly return-trip Vancouver to Japan and Hong Kong for only $631 CAD


Two geishas wearing traditional Japanese kimono among Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo, Japan / Shutterstock

If you’ve dying to travel to travel to Tokyo, but weren’t ready to spend close to a grand to do so, you might have found your options limited.

In fact, a quick scan through most options will show that the cheapest return tickets to Japan run just over $950 CAD.

Luckily, All Nippon, the only 5-star rated airline in Japan, offers an outstanding deal this fall.

Not only will travellers get to enjoy some time in Japan, but the multi-stop itinerary also includes time in Hong Kong.

The total fare comes to $475.01 USD including all taxes and fees, which, according to today’s exchange rate, works out to $631.36 CAD.

The flight departs Vancouver on October 16 for Tokyo, and then departs for Hong Kong on October 23. The final flight departs Hong Kong on October 28 for Vancouver.

Photo: All Nippon Airways

You can book your multi-stop itinerary here.

Winter Travel from Vancouver

While it can be fun to spin a globe, close your eyes, stop it with your finger and travel to the place where your finger lands, that can be a bit of a nightmare financially.

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