This Vancouver restaurant insider knows what our dining scene needs to be better


This week on the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast we’ve got restaurant consultant and hospitality expert Brad Bodnarchuk at the table. What do customers look for when dining out in Vancouver? Which restaurants are slaying the game? And why should we always make a pit stop in the bathroom before the meal gets underway?

brad bodnarchuk
Brad Bodnarchuk of Half a Dozen Hospitality in the V.I.A. Studio. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

Brad will share some insider intel in our in-depth chat about the food biz in Vancouver. You can catch him on his podcast, Half a Dozen Hospitality, too, for more one-on-one talk with some of the city’s most influential names in food.

Plus, Bob joins Lindsay to examine actor Ryan Reynolds’ awesome recent OMG #TBT photo (and we renew our plea for him to come on the podcast), and we also say a mostly fond farewell to one of the last remaining vestiges of Expo 86 in Metro Vancouver.

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