Distracted driver gets slapped with 2 separate $368 fines 6 minutes apart


distracted driver
Man using mobile phone while driving a car

A distracted driver was issued two separate tickets within six minutes of each other by two different officers in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Police Traffic Unit tweeted an image of both distracted driving tickets on Tuesday, March 19, describing how the same driver received both penalties. Further, they underscore how drivers ought to, “Make road safety a priority.”

The first penalty was recorded at 9:49 am and the second was recorded at 9:55 am. Both penalties state, “Use of electronic device” in the description of the offence, and each ticketed amount came to $368. As a result, the offender’s total daily fines came out to $736.

March is Distracted Driving Awareness month and officers are cracking down on people who aren’t focusing behind the wheel. In fact, officers continue to tweet that they are on the lookout for problem behaviour.

Deputy Howard Chow also tweeted that over 250 distracted driving tickets were issued in this last weekend alone. Further, he noted that over 1100 tickets have been issued since the start of March.