Crime scaring people away from this SkyTrain station, says residents’ group

Desiree Garcia


The president of the Kingsway Imperial Neighbourhood Association is calling on TransLink to install better lighting near a South Burnaby SkyTrain to deter crime happening underneath train lines.

Royal Oak SkyTrain Station (Google Street View)

Diane Gillis presented a delegation at the TransLink meeting on Friday, saying the areas between Royal Oak SkyTrain Station heading towards Rumble Street have members of the community concerned for their safety due to the absence of lighting.

Some people, she says, are actually choosing not to travel by transit to and from work nearby.

“We do believe that if it was lit and as things improve and people continue to feel safe, the businesses can have more of their staff that are taking transit,” Gillis said.

Gillis said the association and members of the community have noticed criminal activity along the transit line and said the area is a high auto-theft area.

Gillis also said the association has approached BC Hydro and Southern Rail to clear plant overgrowth in the area which reduces natural surveillance. Southern Rail did maintain the area, Gillis said. This, in addition to the lack of lighting in the area causes people to take a longer and alternative route.

The association also has concerns about the many families and students that frequent the area as Burnaby South Secondary School and The British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf is nearby.

Officials at TransLink said they would be “very interested” in hearing about the information the association has collected.