You can take a FREE shuttle to a beautiful B.C. park this summer


If you’re looking for a way to see one of B.C.’s most beautiful parks without paying soaring prices for gas this summer, Parkbus will have you covered.

golden ears provincial park
In 2018, Parkbus took adventurers for free from Vancouver to Golden Ears Provincial Park/Shutterstock

During the summer, the express shuttle bus service will offer free shuttle service from four Canadian cities to four national and provincial parks. As such, you’ll be able to catch a ride into the wilderness from downtown Vancouver free of charge.

TD Park Express service teamed up with Parkbus to allow residents to visit Rouge National Urban Park in Ontario, and Parc National De Saint Bruno in Quebec, and Elk Island National Park in Edmonton. Parkbus has not confirmed the B.C. destination for 2019; last summer it was Golden Ears Provincial Park.*

While the ride from the city is free, guests must reserve their seat in advance with a valid credit card. If you need to cancel your ride, you may do so within 48 hours to avoid a no-show fee.

Every free shuttle will be accompanied by a Parkbus representative who will highlight safety hazards specific to each park in person to all riders, and promote Leave No Trace Principles.

Be sure to check current weather, terrain, and wildlife conditions prior to embarking on a hike. In addition, make sure that you know your physical limitations, tell someone where you are going, bring enough food and water, wear appropriate clothing, and never hike alone. Don’t attempt dangerous poses for photographs.

Visit Vancouver Trails online for a detailed list of safety tips and things to consider before your next hike.

*Editor’s note: This story has been amended from its originally published version. Parkbus had indicated a specific destination in B.C. for 2019, however they had published that location on their website without a full agreement in place. After Parkbus reached out to V.I.A. on April 17, they removed the destination name from their website, and we have adjusted our article accordingly. We will provide the destination name as soon as Parkbus makes that information available again.