This unique Vancouver cafe doubles as an urban garage and craft beer haven



If you’ve ever passed by the red garage-style building on 350 W 8th Ave, you’ve probably wondered what goes on inside…

Photo: Jammer Cafe

A lot of businesses in Vancouver have started embracing a double-duty business plan that embraces serving food or coffee as a way to bolster the retail side of their business.

Jammer Cafe Motors however, does things a little differently. The new community motorcycle shop/retail space/craft beer bar/restaurant/coffee bar doesn’t just dabble in each side of their business, they invest themselves into each fully.

As a business with several focuses, Jammer Cafe exercises an incredible attention to detail, handling each component of their business as if it were the main focus of their operation. There are no cut corners or quick fixes here, everything is done by hand, or by the hands of the community that calls this one-of-kind cafe home.

Photo: Jammer Cafe

The most important thing to note is that while Jammer is quickly becoming a meeting spot for Vancouver’s motorcycle community, patrons of all kinds would be happy to make this spot their new go-to neighbourhood cafe or breakfast spot, regardless of their fondness of motorcycles.

Yes, all are welcomed and that’s clearly evident in the cafe’s food program, which offers hearty East Coast interpretations of casual dining favourites and breakfast/brunch staples.

Photo: Jammer Cafe

Prepared by Chef David Martin, Jammer’s daily offerings go beyond typical cafe dishes, landing somewhere between chef-driven and homemade, offering something for pretty much any appetite or specific dietary restrictions. Highlights include the insanely good beer-can chicken sandwich, Mushroom poutine (vegetarian), and the cafe’s epic brunch menu, which features hand cut potatoes, from-scratch hollandaise, and locally sourced ingredients, all of which are prepared in-house.

The same goes for Jammer Cafe’s drink menu, which features coffee roasted by Pallet and exceptional craft beer offerings, which include local favourites like 33 Acres as well as lesser known burgeoning craft breweries from the rest of the country, such as Red Collar Brewing Company in Kamloops.

Photo: Jammer Cafe

With the goal of becoming a legacy businesses in Vancouver, Jammer hopes to establish itself as a local staple by supporting other local businesses as much as possible. When that doesn’t work out, they take tasks upon themselves, including making their own delish peameal bacon and even building their dining tables by hand using reclaimed wood from their building’s former tenant.

Ultimately, Jammer Cafe and the hybrid business model from which they operate is all about supporting local. The original intention behind Jammer was to provide Vancouver with a much needed urban garage where people of all experience levels could have access to the space, tools and community to enjoy their love of motorcycles and mechanic work.

Photo: Jammer Cafe

In addition to being the dream urban garage for moto-enthusiasts, Jammer also hosts group meet-ups, events and more. It’s more than a hub, it’s a community space; a canvas for Vancouver to make their own and that’s certainly clear when you walk in the door.

Paired with good food and good drinks, Jammer is providing a space where people can develop their mechanical and restoration skills, or just relax with coffee and close friends. Best of all, it’s a place to discover something new. With inventive food, unique craft beer and incredible coffee, you’ll probably leave Jammer with a new favourite something, and that’s more than enough reason to return for more.

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