This creepy abandoned sanatorium in B.C. will give you nightmares


tranquille sanatorium
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Built at the turn of the twentieth century, the once abandoned Tranquille Sanatorium looms at the edge of the Kamloops border.

According to the Kamloops Museum and Archives, the sanatorium was originally built in 1907 to treat patients with tuberculosis, and continued to to so until 1958. Following this, “the sanatorium facilities were transferred to the Mental Health Services Branch of the B.C. provincial government and the site was used as an institution for the mentally disabled.” Afterwards, the institution permanently closed in 1983.

Empty for decades, people report feeling a penetrating eeriness when they visit the site. There are multiple buildings, and even mysterious tunnels that connect many of them underground.

According to Travelzoo, “Visitors claim to see a mother crying for her child on the sixth and eighth floors while others have reported hearing the voices of kids playing in the children’s ward or seeing bright orbs near the main entrance.” Likewise, other reports note that the tunnels below are filled with lonely voices and cries.

Now, a company called Tranquille Farm Fresh offers tours at the site. Last year, the abandoned sanatorium was turned into a creepy escape room for Halloween. The “Escape from Padova” took place in the abandoned tunnels below the sanatorium and offered one hour of heart-pounding terror in the dark.

Tranquille Sanatorium