This insanely loud siren was heard across Vancouver last night (Video)


VANCOUVER, BC – AUG 17: Sea port with crane and cargo containers at night on August 17, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada / Shutterstock

On Wednesday, April 17, residents of Vancouver were startled to hear what sounded eerily like air-raid sirens piercing through the night.

According to multiple posts on social media, the siren’s cry was heard from across the city at approximately 11:40 pm.

What’s more, multiple people commented that they thought there was some sort of incident taking place at the port. For example, @CanadianKelli tweeted that the sound, “reminds me of Tsunami type siren.”

Some people even noted that they had their belongings packed in case the alarm signified something catastrophic, while others simply commented that they were scary.

@BlacktailedDeer even shared a video a video of the alarms, commenting that they sounded like air-raid sirens.

Vancouver Is Awesome got in touch with Danielle Jang from the Port of Vancouver who explained that the noise was from a fire alarm at the Cargill Grain Terminal.

Cargill Grain Terminal stated that the loud sound was their grain elevator’s alarm. And while they say that it goes off rather infrequently, it will happen from time to time.

We were unable to get in touch with their media relations department for further details.