This cat has applied for a police job with B.C. RCMP


VANCOUVER — When the British Columbia and Yukon division of the RCMP issued an April Fools’ Day announcement seeking a few good cats, it probably didn’t expect any applicants.

But the intervening weeks have been just long enough for at least one to send in a kitty curriculum vitae.


RCMP say in an online post that a resume has been received from Penny Cirque, a cat once destined for an acrobatic career with Cirque du Soleil but now interested in law — or claw — enforcement.

Her resume letter notes she is small and cuddly but has the tough exterior necessary for police work.

Unfortunately, the RCMP says the application came without any contact information.

The original job posting for the new cat services unit suggested applicants be aloof, pensive, even moody and “capable of working for almost 15 minutes a day before getting bored.”

The RCMP doesn’t say if Penny Cirque’s application will survive the vetting process.

“The bad guys could easily be taken in by my charm and I am sure they would tell me all the bad things they have done, especially if I offered to let them stroke me when they had confessed and made amends,” the letter says.