You can adopt a rat from the City of Vancouver for $5


rat adoption
City of Vancouver

While Vancouver was voted the rattiest city in B.C. by Orkin for the third year running, the city is encouraging people to consider adopting pet rats.

The city tweeted about rat adoption last week, noting that the rodents actually enjoy human companionship. The tweet also highlights that the animals are quite friendly and therefore make excellent pets for children.

Following this, the city asks people to, “Tag us in a pic of your new pet in their happy #FURever home.”

Along with gerbils, hamsters, and mice, rats are available for adoption for $5 each from the animal shelter. With that being said, the city notes that people should be prepared for a long-term emotional and financial commitment. For example, potential pet owners should ensure that people in their homes do not have any allergies to pets. In addition, they must make time to interact their animals and have enough space for them.

The city also recommends that pet owners select animals that compliment their personality and circumstances. A great way to ensure an ideal fit is by researching the animal prior to the adoption process.

The city’s pro-adoption shelter places 200 to 300 dogs and small animals every year.