It costs Richmond residents $2,000 to keep drivers off one patch of sidewalk

Richmond News


Like many things in life, whether good or bad, there’s a price to pay.

The price to keep Richmond’s drivers from parking on a sidewalk – underneath a “no vehicles on sidewalk” sign – appears to be $2,000, paid for by Richmond residents.

This wide sidewalk was being used as a parking spot, until Thursday. Photo by Alan Campbell.

That’s how much it cost for a City of Richmond crew to install a set of three bollards at the site on Hollybridge Way in the Olympic Oval precinct.

After reporting last week about the white Mercedes parking on a large section of sidewalk, right next to the sign, and then the bollards going up last Thursday, the Richmond News asked the city on Tuesday how much it cost the taxpayer.

An explicit photo of the original misdemeanour was uploaded recently to Facebook group “‎Richmond Learns to Park” by Paul Phelan‎.

Richmond Learns to Park/Facebook

Phelan’s caption read “Richmond: the only place where you need a sign that says no vehicles on the sidewalk, yet it’s still disobeyed.”