This Metro Vancouver SkyTrain map has a Star Wars theme for May 4


TransLink has taken inspiration from a galaxy, far, far away recreating its SkyTrain travel map with a Star Wars theme to mark May 4.

The date is internationally known for celebrating George Lucas’ epic space-opera films.

The map cleverly swaps out the usual names of Metro Vancouver train stations and replaces them with locations from Star Wars.

You can see the map for yourself, but you’ll have to journey to Mustafar Station, A.K.A Metrotown. The space themed map also introduces commuters to TransLink’s latest service expansions.

“Have you had a chance to check out how we’re expanding service today? You can now go from the Hoth-Echo Base (Stadium-Chinatown) to Tatooine (Templeton) in as little as 34 parsecs!” TransLink tweeted on Saturday morning.

Commuters have shown their appreciation to TransLink for the ingenious idea, taking to social media to say that they “love Translink” and “my transit system is better than your transit system.”

TransLink encouraged commuters to stop by Mustafar Station to check it out in person, and snap a selfie.

In a separate tweet, TransLink advised passengers: “Don’t be drawn in by the Dark Side of the Force, make sure you have valid fare and remember to tap in.”

It’s safe to say someone who works at TransLink is one hell of a Star Wars fan.

If you didn’t already know, the date May 4 was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you” as “May the Fourth be with you”.

And on that note, May the Fourth Be With you on your travels today.

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