This venomous scorpion was found in a Vancouver kitchen (Video)


Scorpion vancouver
Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. / Facebook

They might look really cool, but a scorpion is probably one of the last insects you’d want to find crawling on your kitchen floor – but that’s exactly what happened to a Vancouver woman after she returned from a vacation in Cuba.

Luckily, the scorpion was safely removed from her home and transported to the Dewdney Animal Hospital in Maple Ridge. From there, the petite predator will be taken to the Victoria Bug Zoo which houses over 50 species of bugs from across the globe.

Dr. Adrian Walton, Veterinarian and owner of the Dewdney Animal Hospital, shared a video of the captivating creature to the hospital’s Facebook account.

“This beautiful scorpion was found in a woman’s home after she went to Cuba,” he begins.
“Or she went to Costco – we’re not too sure which.”

Walton goes on to note that the hospital sees scorpions a couple of times a year, and that this one is likely a “striped scorpion” – a type of scorpion that is typically found in the southern United States. He adds that the Victoria Bug Zoo will be able to properly identify the venomous insect and ensure it ends up in a safe and secure environment.

Scorpion Stowaway in Vancouver