Fill up now: Metro Vancouver gas prices to rise before the long weekend


If your Victoria Day long weekend plans involve a long drive out of town, you might want to fill up your tank tonight.

Metro Vancouver gas prices are predicted to rise again on Friday, May 17 with multiple stations across the Lower Mainland reaching 1.7 cents per litre.

gas prices
Fuel pumps / Shutterstock

Dan McTeague, a Senior Petroleum Analyst with, tweeted about the soaring costs on Thursday, May 16.

He notes that the Lower Mainland can expect to see a, “a 2 cent a litre HIKE at the pumps for Friday, May 17 pushing prices back up to 170.9 cents per litre.”

McTeague is also quick to note, however, that Vancouverites aren’t the only people affected by staggering costs at the pumps. He tweeted that California has also seen a drastic rise in prices.

What’s more, a new Ipsos survey found that 52% of British Columbians said that rising costs of fuel is likely to impact their summer road trip plans – with 27% even considering changing their existing plans because of high prices at the pump.

On Monday, April 1, British Columbia’s long-standing carbon tax increased to $40 a ton, which is double the federal carbon tax introduced in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick — provinces that did not previously have any carbon tax in place.

That adds another 1.2 cents per litre at the pump, McTeague said.

With files from the Burnaby Now.