This driver could get a whopping $483 for speeding to watch Game of Thrones


game of thrones
Photo: Game of Thrones / Facebook

Game of Thrones fans are hardcore, but one Metro Vancouver driver paid a steep price for their dangerous commitment to the show.

Port Coquitlam RCMP tweeted about their encounter with the GOT fanatic on Wednesday, May 22, noting that they were caught speeding home to watch the beloved show. However, they remark that speeding, “cost this driver more than missing who is left standing in Westeros.”

They also state that they was recorded doing 117 km/h in a 60 km/h zone – yikes.

While a regular speeding ticket would cost this irresponsible driver between $138 – $196, they may be charged with excessive speeding. If this is the case, and it certainly might be considering their speed was nearly double the limit, they could be slapped with a cool $483.