One cancerous mole took the life of this 33-year-old B.C. dad

Madison Erhardt


Karen Wells lost her son at 33 to a cancerous mole that took over his body in just under a year.

”Morgan (Forshner) had a mole on his back that I knew he needed to get looked at. It had grown in size and colour,” Wells recalled.

When Forshner went to the doctor, everything appeared to be fine.

”The doctor said it was benign, so they froze it with liquid nitrogen and sent him home. That was in late October of 2015, and we weren’t able to get him back to the doctor until March,” Wells said.

When Wells and her son went back to the doctor in March, they couldn’t believe what they were told.

”They did a biopsy, and it came back as Stage 4 metastasized melanoma.”

Morgan’s second son was born in June, following Morgan’s death in December.

Since then, Wells says her life’s mission is to increase awareness about how deadly moles can be.

”One of our goals for Morgan’s Mole Patrol is to provide sunscreen dispensers for all beaches in Kelowna. It’s a very simple thing, and I think it will save lives,” she added.

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