B.C.’s government-mandated ’boutique gas’ is adding up to 14 cents per litre to the price


gas prices
Fuel pumps / Shutterstock

A senior gasoline analyst indicates the B.C. government is responsible for our province having the highest gasoline prices in the country.

Dan McTeague, petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com says the B.C. government’s requirement for low carbon fuel is the culprit behind Metro Vancouver’s sky-high gas prices.

CTV News reports that McTeague says the cost for refineries to produce the fuel to B.C.’s specifications adds between eight and 14 cents more per litre.

“If you want someone to make your boutique gasoline, which only B.C. has, then you’re going to pay,” said McTeague.

Metro Vancouver gas prices have soared to new heights, smashing records more than once already this year.

McTeague is referring to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act which came into effect back in 2009.

Another less understood factor relates to the provinces demand exceeds supply and B.C. is forced to import more expensive fuel from the western United States.

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