Deal alert: You can fly round-trip Vancouver to Disney World for $355 CAD


Disney World / spring break travel deals
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Known as the ‘happiest place on earth,’ Disney World offers endless things to see and do for people of all ages. However, it isn’t exactly cheap to visit.

For one, the flight from Vancouver is rather costly – ranging from $450 to $700 throughout most of the year. And if people are planning to bring along their family, these staggering prices can put a serious strain on the wallet.

Luckily, Delta Airlines is offering a return ticket from Vancouver to Orlando for only $355.81 CAD including all tax and fees this fall. The flight departs Vancouver on Thursday, Sept.12 and returns from Orlando on Wednesday, Sept.18.

Disney World
Photo by Delta Airlines

Walt Disney World and Orlando

While the theme park is the main attraction, Orlando is home to a litany of other fun attractions, entertainment, dining, shopping, and more. Further, the weather is quite toasty throughout the year, which makes it the ideal escape from raincouver.

Tip: If you’re looking to visit the park, ensure that you reserve a hotel on the park grounds. Otherwise, you’ll have an extremely difficult time seeing everything – it is enormous. Also, make sure that you book it ahead of time as the happiest place on earth is extremely busy the whole year round.

You can book your flight here.

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