This new reality show offers a hilarious glimpse into the lives of two Vancouver influencers (Video)


Relatively Nat & Liv
Photo: @oliviapierson / Instagram

Goat-milking gone glam, hilarious banter, and family drama are just a few of the things to expect in the new Vancouver-filmed reality show, Relatively Nat & Liv.

Based on the lives of two huge Instagram personalities, Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson, the show offers a glimpse into the influencers’ lavish lifestyle as well as their more intimate family moments. However, this isn’t the duos first time on air – they both co-starred on the LA-based reality show WAGS – a show that chronicled the lives of wives and girlfriends of sports-stars.

Not only are the ladies cousins, but they are also best friends, sharing everything from juicy secrets to high-end fashion to life goals. Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Halcro and Pierson about what viewers can expect in the first season of their new show, as well as what the pair have planned for the future.

“We actually started planning this show out on a vision board ten years ago,” says Pierson. “We have been working towards this for a long time – it isn’t something we decided on recently at all.”

While Halcro and Pierson spend a great deal of time in Los Angeles, they were born in Langley and their families reside in Vancouver.

“It has been great to shoot in Vancouver, because, as much as we love L.A., we miss our family,” explains Halcro. “It was great to spend time with them and have them be a part of the show.”

Both women noted that although everyone was on-board with filming the series, their parents were a bit more reluctant with on-screen time than the rest of the family. With that in mind, they add that they are now stars in the show, and featured in many of its best moments.

When asked if the cousins are getting recognized more frequently in Vancouver, they say that more people have been saying hello in bathrooms, airports, and other places. However, they’ve been social media influencers for quite some time, so the limelight isn’t exactly unfamiliar territory for the popular pair – Halcro and Pierson have 3.7 million and 2.7 million followers on Instagram, respectively.

The fashionistas are also launching their own clothing line this summer, and note that it will have a romantic, feminine flair.

Watch the trailer for Relatively Nat & Liv below and catch the first episode on hayu June 3.