Tinder to allow users to select their sexual orientation in Canada this month


If you haven’t used Tinder before, you might not have been aware that the dating app didn’t allow users to select their sexual orientation.

However, Tinder announced on Tuesday, June 4, that it has partnered with GLAAD – an American company dedicated to promoting inclusive representation in media – to allow users to select their orientation on the platform moving forward.

Tinder Sexual Orientation
ROSARIO, ARGENTINA – JANUARY 14, 2017: Woman on the beach with a cell phone in her hands. On the screen you can see the Tinder application with a man profile open / Shutterstock

Back in 2016, Tinder expanded the selection of genders that users could identify, but this didn’t allow people to see the orientation of their matches. As a result, the app didn’t always work, and led to issues like lesbians being matched primarily to men.

Now, users may select up to three terms they feel best describe their sexual orientation. From there, they have the option to display these orientations on their profiles. In addition, users will be able to decide the order their matches are presented to them. They will also have an option to display “people of the same orientation first.”

The company adds that the, “new feature that will help members of our community truly shine and be their most authentic selves on Tinder.”

This new sexual orientation feature will be rolling out in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, India, Australia, and New Zealand throughout this month.

Tinder also shared a video displaying the new options on YouTube, and captions, “Allow us to reorient ourselves,” with an emoji of a rainbow.

If you have feedback about the update or would like to see more sexual orientation terms added to Tinder, you may send us a note to questions@gotinder.com.

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